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Camouflage Makeup After Plastic Surgery

Working in a plastic surgeon’s office means I see patients all throughout the surgical process.  While I wish there was a way to prevent bruising, swelling and other effects that are a natural part of the healing process, patients will more than likely experience some degree of these normal conditions following surgery. I have found that camouflage makeup can be a huge help during the healing process for patients due to its ability to disguise bruising and scars.

Patients of course should wait to apply any products until surgical wounds are completely healed.  Once the skin has fully healed, patients can begin to use cosmetics to help hide the after effects of surgery.  I prefer to use makeup specifically designed for camouflaging purposes.  Because there is such a wide range of shades for different skin tones, patients should test out the makeup and ensure an exact match for the best coverage.  As well, most camouflage makeup will come with setting powder which is needed to set the foundation so it stays put throughout the day.  Tools are also important and a good foundation brush should be used so that the application is even and effective in concealing imperfections.

The ingredients of the camouflage makeup are also important.  Most makeup that is designed for camouflage purposes will be formulated with the right ingredients for the best coverage.  It is also very important to use sunscreen under makeup if the makeup does not contain SPF.  Exposure to sun will only slow healing time and can even make scaring more pronounced.  At our office, we recommend a silicone based scar gel to use on surgical scars that contains a sunscreen.  I have patients use this under any cosmetics for healing and protective purposes.

We have also found that patients are more accepting of the healing process following cosmetic surgery when they know cosmetics and healing products are part of their post-surgery regimen.  There will of course be downtime following surgery, but the amount of the time a patient spends at home out of the public eye can be reduced by using camouflage makeup and products meant for healing wounds.  If you are considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, know that there are several options to help reduce the amount of actual downtime following your procedure.  Consult with the experts at Kalos today to plan for your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

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