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Can Gauged Earlobes be Repaired?

Ear Repair Atlanta GA

Popular in modern culture, stretched earlobes are typically created by inserting increasingly large piercings into the earlobe. As followers of this particular trend get older or seek to enter employment in a particular section, some may decide to permanently remove piercings.

Unfortunately, piercings or not, the earlobe can remain stretched. If gauged earlobes are creating a barrier to employment or now seem unsightly, earlobe repair is possible. A gauged earlobe may result from deliberate stretching, a misplaced piercing or through injury. Regardless of the cause, a skilled plastic surgeon can repair the damage.

Repairing a Gauged Earlobe

Options for repairing a gauged earlobe are available from Kalos under the expert care of Dr. Stong. The object of treatment is to repair damage in the least invasive way possible. If the earlobe is ripped, surgery can reconnect the damaged tissues. Dr. Stong has the skills to minimize scarring and may be able to make the affected tissue virtually invisible.

Having gauged earlobes repaired can help to restore lost confidence. If you are self-conscious about stretched earlobes, repair is definitely worth considering. The procedure can open doors to new opportunities in work and personal relationships.

Gauged Earlobe Downtime

In many cases, there is no downtime from gauged earlobe repair. However, where surgery is needed, you may need to take off for the pain to ease. Ear gauge repair is an outpatient procedure, so most patients experience very little disruption to everyday life. Dr. Stong can provide further information on recovery times as part of your one-to-one consultation at his Atlanta offices.

Are you considering removing large earrings? Kalos can provide solutions for restoring earlobes to their natural size and shape. Dr. Stong is a skilled plastic surgeon who has the experience necessary to repair damage to ears from stretching, tears or splits.

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