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But What About the Bruising?

woman with beautiful skin touching her face

Patients who want or need cosmetic surgery often put it off. Sometimes they do it for financial reasons, but other times they have to delay it for almost the exact same reasons they desire the surgery in the first place: how they fear it will make them look. Bruising, even temporarily, can be enough of…

Snap A Better Selfie Without Surgery

couple smiling

Plastic surgeons everywhere are reporting a rise in facial surgery due to the desire to take better selfies. In our age of social media, Photoshop, and Snapchat filters, natural, unretouched pictures are hard to come by. The pictures for dating apps in particular are almost always filtered or taken with a heavy degree of facial…

Three Non-Surgical Ways to Defy Aging

woman patient during an injection procedure

Delaying the effects of aging has always been one of the main reasons patients choose plastic and cosmetic surgery.  But surgery, no matter how simple, always comes with rare and potential risks: blood clots, infection, pain, reaction to anesthesia, etc. But newer techniques with injectables allow you to hide-out from Father Time! Here are the…

Rosy Cheeks? It Could Be Rosacea!

woman patient during a laser treatment

Rosacea affects approximately 16 million Americans.  It may not sound like a terrible condition but living with it can wear on your confidence. It causes small pimples- even for people who are well past the “bad skin” stage of life. It causes a permanent redness, like a sunburn and it can make your face, neck,…

Refining Your Unique Look

korean woman smiling after facial liposuction atlanta ga

One of the most common comments we hear about facial cosmetic and plastic surgery is that everyone comes out of it looking the same. What these surgeons, and sometimes patients, are not taking into consideration, is that everybody has a unique facial structure, including bones and soft tissues. There are a few of reasons why…

Too Much Sun

woman with a mild sunburn

As days begin to get warmer and longer, you and your family will be spending more time outside. Kids on bikes and in the pools, adults and families working in gardens, or simply spending time playing outdoors together. The fresh air invigorates you, and the sunshine embraces your pallid, vitamin-D depleted skin. The change of…

Three Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

woman with a doctor checking her skin

With the rise of reality TV, especially of shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Real Housewives of…,” plastic surgery has leapt to the eye of the general public like never before. Procedures and treatments have become household words. But there is a lot of misconception out there, and we think it’s time to…

Five Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Woman Felling Her Neck After a Neck Lift Surgery

About the time you turned twelve or thirteen, you were told to start caring for your skin to avoid unwanted, future breakouts. Since then, you’ve learned a thing or two about taking care of yourself. But in fact, there are five basic rules you need to follow for great looking skin: Cleanse Twice Daily: Use…

The Profound Difference in Atlanta!

woman with a doctor checking her skin

Has life helped you age a little more quickly than you would prefer? Are you younger than you feel you look? Perhaps you have fine lines at your eyes or deeper ones near your nose and mouth add several years to your true age. Your once radiant skin tone is hard to see under the…

Broken Nose? Need A “New” One?

woman holding her nose

There are lots of ways to break a nose: sports injuries, trip and falls, car accidents, the list goes on and on. The severity of your break may seem to be your most logical deciding factor about whether to have it fixed; before you make a decision, consult with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Ben…

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