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Celebrities and Birthmarks

Celebrities most likely reached their celebrity statuses for their talents and/or their good looks. However, even the most beautiful and easily recognizable celebs have birthmarks. While most of Hollywood’s hottest stars cover up their birthmarks (or other strange anomalies – anyone ever seen Jennifer Garner’s pinky toe??), some celebrities’ birthmarks are most noticeable than others. Port Wine Stains are the most common birthmarks that are noticeably different. These birthmarks occur when swollen blood vessels create a red or purple discoloration of the skin. They are typically flat, occur anywhere on the body, and darken as a person ages. While many people, celebrities included, have their port wine stains removed, others choose to celebrate that their birthmarks set them apart.

Billy Corgan of the music group Smashing Pumpkins has a port wine stain from his hand to his elbow. He is proud of this unique marking, often posing in photo shoots in which he deliberately showcases his birthmark. Tina Turner has a port wine stain on her shoulder, Tempest Bledsoe from The Cosby Show has a port wine stain on her arm, and NFL quarterback Drew Brees has a small PWS on his face. These celebrities choose to embrace their birthmarks, and they have not hindered them or their careers. However, many people face more embarrassment from their port wine stains. Many times, PWS will develop on the face and grow, leaving people to suffer from feelings of self-consciousness. Many celebrities have also been open about making changes to their own bodies out of low self-esteem.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong leads our practice as a Fellowship trained dual board plastic surgeon that is passionate about helping patients of all ages correct skin imperfections. Whether your future finds you on the big screen, on a stage in front of thousands of fans, or simply speaking in front of your peers – you can do so with your head held high. For information regarding removing your port wine stain or any other birthmark, contact Kalos today.

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