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Controlling Rosacea with Laser Facial Treatments

Laser facial treatment

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that makes your face red and exposes your blood vessels. It can cause a flushed appearance. Sometimes it can also cause acne-like bumps on the skin, dry patches of dry skin, enlarged pores, swelling of the nose, vision problems due to swollen eyelids and itchy eyes. Although there is no cure yet for the condition, laser treatments could help reduce the severity of its symptoms.

How Do Laser Facial Treatments Relieve Rosacea Symptoms?

Energy from vascular lasers is absorbed only by the superficial blood vessels visible on the skin’s surface. This energy is subsequently converted into heat, which causes these tiny blood vessels to close and be naturally eliminated from the body.

What is a Laser Treatment for Rosacea Like?

The sensation of a laser’s rays striking the skin is similar to the snap of an elastic band. Most patients respond favorably to treatment. In the early stages, it is usual for the skin to become hot, red and a little swollen. Scarring and blistering are uncommon.

How Often Should You Schedule Laser Treatments?

Lasers and other light-based treatments are being used with great success to treat rosacea symptoms such as flushing, visible blood vessels and redness. However, it is typically necessary to undergo multiple treatment sessions. In addition, since rosacea is a chronic condition, maintenance may require one to two treatments annually. Nevertheless, the effects of laser treatments are long-lasting.

Are You a Candidate for Rosacea Laser Facials?

Contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC if you require treatment for rosacea. Our medical aestheticians can diagnose the problem and provide a personalized treatment plan to improve your situation. The program may include laser therapy.

It is a fantastic method of reducing the visible signs of skin problems on your face and getting your confidence back. Our clinic’s staff is well-versed in using laser therapy to treat rosacea. Our mission is to make sure you feel fantastic when you leave our office. Please do not let rosacea ruin your day; make an appointment by calling our office right away!

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