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Courtney Cox: Injection Overload!

Courtney Cox captured our hearts on Friends, and still continues to delight us on Cougar Town. There’s no denying she’s beautiful and talented, but her pursuit to look younger has evidently sent her into a plastic surgery binge. The star has admitted to using Botox for wrinkles, lasers for skin imperfections, and Ulthera for neck tightening, which would make a normal 49 year old look refreshed, but we’re guessing that’s not all she’s had done… Her recent photographs indicate she’s had a bit too much filler in her cheeks and lips creating a puffy, plastic appearance. Dr. Stong said, “Excess filler can create a swollen, cat-like appearance. A well-trained doctor should know how much is too much and advise their patients accordingly.”

Using fillers and Botox are great solutions for diminishing wrinkles and creating volume that is lost with age. However, they don’t last so they’re not a permanent solution. Yea, she’s a celebrity and she can afford to have injections every three months, but what a hassle! There’s also downtime associated with fillers such as bruising and swelling, so she most likely has to hide out from paparazzi for a few days.

Courtney might consider a mini facelift to lift and tighten tissues that form the smile lines, jowls, and extra neck skin and soft tissue. The surgery has an almost painless recovery, the scars are tiny and hidden, the results are long lasting, and more importantly- it looks natural! She could also look into a permanent lip augmentation to create naturally full lips without the injections every six months.

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