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David Cassidy’s Plastic Appearance

The term “plastic surgery” comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or give form. And while the term plastic is used in the American translation, the results are not meant to look plastic. Apparently, David Cassidy missed this memo. David Cassidy was a beloved American music star in the 1970s, who turned heads and made girls’ screams heard for miles around. While many believed that David Cassidy aged very well, he apparently decided that he was going to try enhancing his appearance. Unfortunately for him, this was not a good decision. This former teen heartthrob tried to reverse the signs of aging on his face, but he ended up looking worse and very “plastic”.

David Cassidy was blessed with wonderful cheek bones. These facial features helped him to age well and to remain a very nice looking man, even as he aged. However, as with many celebrities who grow older and realize that they have lost the appeal of their younger fans, David decided to try and stop the aging process through professional procedures. There are changes to his face that lack natural appearance. The skin on his forehead is incredibly smooth for someone in his mid-60s, the skin on the lower half of his face looks pulled back too tight – which is what ultimately gives him his “plastic” look. While David Cassidy does appear to have chosen more minimal procedures in comparison to others celebrities, David’s face is one that ultimately should have been left alone. He boasts about his father having “great genes,” yet he did not let nature work in his favor.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, we applaud David Cassidy and other men who take steps to fight the aging process. However, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong at Kalos is very discriminating in the procedures he chooses for his patients. Dr. Stong is a dual board certified plastic surgeon that is trained in the most advanced contemporary techniques available in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Stong’s training gives him the most respected reputation in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery is the trusted practice for superior results with the highest quality care for both men and women.

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