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Derma Blading Allows for More Effective Cosmetic Treatments

In our office, the demand for derma blading is definitely on the rise.  This is most likely due to patients observing the vast improvements in their skin following treatment with derma blading.  Derma blading (or derma planing) is a means of manual exfoliation that is extremely effective in getting rid of dead skin and facial hair.  During a derma blading treatment, the surface of the skin is lightly scraped using a sterile blade, which removes the outer layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum) without causing discomfort to the patient.  When performed alone, derma blading is very beneficial for the skin, and ultimately allows for more effective cosmetic treatments as subsequent treatments can penetrate to deeper layers of skin since the derma blade has removed the partial epidermal barrier.

Derma blading can be combined with many other cosmetic treatments.  Patients may incorporate derma blading into facial treatments that include chemical peels, which will allow the chemical peel solution to travel deeper through the skin, delivering better results to the patient.  As well, any products that are applied to the skin during the facial treatment will be absorbed much better.  Following the facial treatment, when patients are at home using skin care products, these products will also be able to penetrate to deeper levels of skin.  The patient will therefore be getting much more benefit from their skin care products and treatment because of the derma blading procedure.

Derma blading is also a good procedure to undergo prior to having cosmetic surgery.  This will ensure patients’ skin is in prime condition before surgery.  It is of course recommended that patients also begin using medical grade skin care products at home several months before their surgery so that the results will be greater.  In the case of patients having face lift surgery, taking care of the skin is of prime importance.  The surgery will obviously lift the skin and create a more youthful appearance, but patients will be more satisfied with their surgical results if the condition and texture of their skin has been refined through facial treatments and skincare products.  Even after the cosmetic surgery has been performed, patients are encouraged to continue having regular facial treatments to help their skin look its absolute best.

Patients will observe an overall smoother and healthier complexion after undergoing a derma blading treatment.  Skin care products will penetrate more effectively, cosmetic treatments will be enhanced, and makeup will go on more smoothly.  The benefits of derma blading are vast, and the truth is, it is a relatively easy and uncomplicated treatment to perform.  We recommend derma blading to all of our patients no matter the skin type or concerns as we find it benefits all of our patients.

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