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Diane Sawyer’s Radiant Face

When it comes to being easily recognized, Diane Sawyer is one of the most recognized women in America, if not the world. Being in front of the camera for more than 40 years, Diane has always been at the scrutiny of close-ups. While Diane is quiet on the subject of plastic surgery procedures, it is evident that at her age of 69 Ms. Sawyer has had help keeping up with her youthful appearances.

While committing to staying a blonde may detract a few years from her appearance, the fact that Diane Sawyer is just one year shy of 70 only confirms that she has had help fighting the sings of aging. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, we commend Ms. Sawyer for her ability to beat the signs of aging. We also have to comment on the fact that whatever she has had done has left subtle changes that do not detract from her natural beauty. Diane Sawyer has great facial features, such as a defined chin and high cheekbones. These features alone help to negate certain signs of aging. However, given the fact that her face is nearly wrinkle-free and very smooth in places where a typical 69 year old’s skin would not be smooth, the logical conclusion is that Ms. Sawyer has had Botox injections and face lift surgery.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Benjamin Stong is committed to helping patients defy the signs of aging while still leaving others to wonder just what work has been done. Mimicking natural appearances is of utmost importance when natural results are what a patient desires. Perhaps you are not required to be scrutinized by millions of people behind a TV screen as Ms. Sawyer has been for the past four decades, yet utilizing interventions to achieve a youthful appearance can be found at Kalos with amazing results. Diane Sawyer has obviously found an esteemed and highly qualified plastic surgeon, and you will find that, too, at Kalos.

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