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Differences Required for Male Plastic Surgery

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While all genders may be equal, they are not the same. There are physical differences that cannot be denied and they can impact how plastic surgery is performed. Male plastic surgery requires different techniques than those performed on female patients. Here are a few different methods that Dr. Ben Stong at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC uses for his male patients.

Male Rhinoplasty

Many nose jobs are designed to make the nose smaller and more refined, especially in females. While male rhinoplasty may also reshape the nose and remove undesirable features, it should retain a masculine appearance. Dr. Stong uses his skills to create a balanced, symmetrical nose that is still masculine and attractive.

Facelifts for Men

Lifting the facial muscles, fat layer and skin to create a more youthful male face requires advanced techniques to maintain a natural appearance. Men have heavier facial skin and muscles, plus a different hairline, than females. The deep plane facelift is ideal for creating natural-looking results, which is the technique Dr. Stong uses for male facelifts to achieve a strong, defined jawline. He also places a discreet incision that is easier to hide along the male hairline and will not interfere with sideburns or facial hair.

Male Blepharoplasty

One of the most requested male plastic surgery procedures is blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery. Bags under the eyes or sagging skin on the upper eyelids make men look tired and years older than they may feel. Male eyelid rejuvenations remove excess skin while contouring and tightening the skin and tissue to create a more energetic and youthful appearance. However, it is important to retain a prominent brow, which is a masculine feature, which makes the procedure different than the female version.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, we provide procedures that are tailored to each patient’s aesthetic concerns while preserving their unique facial traits. Dr. Ben Stong has extensive experience providing incredible results for all his patients, using different techniques for males, females and different ethnic groups. To learn more about our male plastic surgery options, contact our office in Atlanta, GA to schedule a consultation.

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