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Do You Have “Resting Angry Face” Syndrome?

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Do your friends constantly ask you if you’re mad? Do people find it hard to approach you because you always look angry? If so, this may be because of the appearance of your resting face.

Commonly referred to as resting mad face, or even RBF, angry face makes you look irritated, upset, or unhappy when you’re perfectly fine. This typically occurs because your sitting quietly or are deep in thought and your face is in its resting state.

What Causes Resting Angry Face?

People with this issue tend to have facial features that are naturally angled down. For example, some people have eyes or eyebrows that are descending on the edges. Other folks have this same problem with their lips making it look like they’re always frowning. Having this droopy face gives off an angry look that may be alarming to other people.

What Can Be Done About RBF?

Fixing your RBF issues can be done with something as simple as facial injections, or for more permanent results, surgery can be done.

Botox InjectionsBotox is a drug that’s injected into the muscle and causes it to stop moving, meaning that the facial muscles that give you resting mad face won’t work anymore.

Endoscopic Brow LiftEndoscopic brow lift raises the eyebrows and smooths forehead lines not only making you look happier but younger as well.

Temporal Brow Lift – If you only need the outer edges of your eyebrows lifted then this minor procedure can do just that.

Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia

If you think that you could benefit from one of the above procedures to help with your resting angry face, than give Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery a call today. We look forward to helping achieve your transformation.

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