Double Chin Treatment

Many people struggle with excess fat under their chins, giving them what is referred to as a “double chin”. This can occur at any age, even when a person is height to weight proportionate. This excess skin and fat can detract from the shape of the chin and can make a person look heavier or older than they are. Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery can help you reduce the appearance of a double chin with our effective surgical and non-surgical treatment facial options.

When excess fat accumulates under the chin, it changes the shape of your face. Your chin may not have the definition it should, especially from a side profile. Diet and exercise cannot remove the fat under the chin if you are already at a healthy weight. However, there are effective surgical and injection options that can help you get rid of this extra chin fat and help you look younger and more attractive.

Get Rid of Your Double Chin!

There are two main ways to get rid of a double chin: liposuction or Kybella injections. Liposuction will remove the fat deposits – once the fat cells are removed, they are gone forever. In most cases, chin or neck liposuction is an outpatient procedure. There is a tiny, pea-sized incision we use to go under the skin. Dr. Stong is very experienced at this procedure and will ensure that the scar will be almost impossible for anyone to see once it heals.

The other double chin treatment option is Kybella injections. Kybella is a synthetic drug that mimics a type of bio acid that targets fat cells. The drug ruptures the membranes of the fat cells so they are eliminated. The fat from the cells is reabsorbed back into the body, leaving you with a thinner, tighter under-chin area. Kybella injections are non-invasive, usually requiring two or more injections spaced about 4-6 weeks apart for optimum results.

Tired of living with a double chin? Contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how to get rid of your double chin forever.

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