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Rhinoplasty, Nose Job Surgery

The face is a conglomerate of features that should blend and harmonize with each other. When one feature overshadows the rest due to its size or form, it can detract from the beauty of the face. This is the case with some noses that do not blend well with the other features by which they are surrounded, causing an unbalanced face. Rhinoplasty is the best option to permanently change the appearance of the nose in these cases, offering a harmonious blending of features to enhance the natural attractiveness of the person.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, we specialize in rhinoplasty that helps our patients achieve the facial appearance they desire. Dr. Benjamin Stong is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in this delicate and complicated field of cosmetic surgery. Creating a new nose that will blend with the other features of the face is artistry, not just a medical procedure. Dr. Stong’s talent lies in both his medical experience and knowledge of the cosmetic surgery field and his eye for artistic detail when transforming our patient’s features.

Open Versus Closed Rhinoplasty

For those that have been considering rhinoplasty in the Dunwoody area, there are two different procedures that are used for this procedure: open and closed. Closed involves making an incision inside the nasal passage to perform the surgery. While this effectively hides the scar, it does not allow for the visualization that is necessary for delicate changes to the tip or shape of the nose. This technique can be used for removing humps or bumps on the bridge of the nose, but for more extensive reshaping of the nose, open rhinoplasty is recommended.

Dr. Stong is experienced at both open and closed rhinoplasty, but since many of his procedures involve a complete reshaping of the nose, the open surgery is more commonly performed for our patients. This involves using a small incision at the base of the nose between the nostrils; while on the exterior of the nose, the placement makes it almost impossible to see any scarring. This technique allows Dr. Stong to complete intricate changes to the nose shape and size. Some of the most common changes requested include:

  • Reducing the overall size of the nose
  • Reducing an overhang or lifting a droopy tip of the nose
  • Removing a hump or bump on the bridge
  • Elevating a flat nose
  • Thinning the base of the nose or reducing the nostrils
  • Fixing a crooked or broken nose

Rhinoplasty can be both cosmetic and functional. Often, issues that are aesthetically unappealing also cause breathing or sinus issues. When feasible, functionality is improved during rhinoplasty. Many people experience better breathing, relief from sinus issues and other functional issues along with the benefits of finally having the nose size and shape they desire.

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The nose is a prominent feature of the face, one that can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. While you may want to change the look of your nose, you also want to ensure that the surgeon you choose will give you the results you desire. Dr. Ben Stong has the credentials and experience that you can trust when undergoing such a delicate surgery. His board certification in both otolaryngology head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery are some good reasons to consider him as your cosmetic surgeon for rhinoplasty. His proven results and commitment to patient care will give you peace of mind that you made the right choice for your rhinoplasty.

If you live in Dunwoody and are ready to take the first step to a more confident you with rhinoplasty, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC today. We care about our patients and want to give you the opportunity to love every feature on your face when you look in the mirror.

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