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Earlobe Repair

We get numerous calls from both men and women who have stretched or torn earlobes they want to have repaired. Earlobe repair is typically performed on patients to fix the damage and stretching that wearing heavy earrings has created or from a trauma to the earlobe. Someone who has a piercing that’s close to the very bottom of the earlobe can cause earrings to rip through the earlobe even quicker. This may result in a stretched or torn earlobe. If the repair is not performed shortly after an injury, treatment is usually postponed until the wound has healed and the tissue is no longer inflamed.

An earlobe repair is a simple outpatient procedure. It is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia in our office. After numbing the earlobe, an incision is made near the split or hole in the earlobe to remove excess skin and cartilage. The two sides of the earlobe are then sewn together with fine sutures. If an earlobe tear occurs acutely, immediate reconstruction with is an option. However, if piercing holes have stretched the earlobe naturally, earlobe repair surgery may be performed at any time.

After earlobe repair surgery, patients may return to work immediately. Antibiotics may be taken as directed to prevent infection, and prescription pain medication will not be necessary, as there is minimal discomfort associated with earlobe repair. Sutures are typically removed about 5 days after the procedure, and patients may resume wearing earrings within three months depending on the healing process. Earlobe repair scars are inconspicuous and will not detract from the appearance of your ears after healing is complete. I often recommend Biocorneum, a silicone scar treatment with 30 SPF for all scars after surgery.

If your stretched or torn earlobes are bothering you, call our Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery office to schedule a consultation.

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