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Eyebrow Solutions

Do you have sparse, thin, lightly colored, or misshapen eyebrows?  If so, welcome to the club.  I am yet to meet anyone who honestly loves their eyebrows.  Eyebrows are very important to the face and nicely shaped brows with the right color shade can instantly add to someone’s attractiveness.  Recently, I had a patient ask me about how to fix sparse, lightly colored, and misshapen eyebrows.  I provided her with the following tips that I would like to share here.

For sparse and thin eyebrows, I recommend Latisse eyelash enhancement solution.  Latisse is FDA approved to treat inadequate eyelashes by stimulating lash growth.  Physicians also recommend using Latisse “off label” to treat sparse/thin eyebrows.  I have seen fantastic results from patients, as well as myself, after using Latisse for eyebrow growth.  Latisse is the only prescription product on the market to help with lash (and brow) growth.

For eyebrows that are too lightly colored, I recommend eyebrow tinting, and possibly a good eyebrow pencil.  Eyebrow tinting is used to dye the eyebrows and lasts about 3-4 weeks.  Patients do not necessarily have to go darker; rather, they can select the shade they wish to dye their eyebrows.  Eyebrow tinting saves me so much time as I do not spend as long using cosmetics to fill in my sparse, blonde eyebrows.  The tint also makes the eyebrows appear more defined and with a better overall arch.  I still like to use an eyebrow pencil to define them slightly more, but eyebrow tint means I have to use less makeup, which makes my brows look more natural and less “drawn in.”

For misshapen eyebrows, there are many options.  If the shape can be fixed by Latisse, eyebrow tint, and/or makeup, those options can always be tried first.  If brows are not arched to your liking, or too low, injectables and surgery are two major options.  Neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin can be used to create a chemical brow lift, making the arch and brow height more pronounced.  The chemical brow lift normally lasts about 3-4 months.  Some patients choose injectables over surgery as they are easily performed in the office in a matter of minutes, and are relatively uncomplicated to have administered.

If a patient wants a more permanent fix for low or sagging brows, surgical options exist.  Typically, a brow lift is performed although it is possible that the patient may benefit from a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) depending on the area(s) of concern.  A board certified facial plastic surgeon can consult with the individual patient to decide if surgery is appropriate, and if so, which type will best benefit the patient.  If you are considering surgical options for low or sagging brows, contact the experts at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.

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