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Get Rid of That Tired and Grumpy Look

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Are you done with people commenting that you look tired, grumpy or both? Baggy eyes, frown lines and a resting face that makes you seem less than approachable are just some of the permanent features that can affect your facial aesthetic. The great news is, these features can be improved.

Facial anatomy can change over time – usually because of age. However, there are several other factors that can determine how your features transform. The sun, genetics, diet and much more will cause you to age prematurely. When considering plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatment, it is important to consider these factors.

Reversing Aging

There are several treatment strategies that can reverse the effects of facial aging. If your eyes, brow, forehead and lips are making you look and feel miserable, make the changes you want to see. Dr. Benjamin Stong is a highly experienced, double board-certified plastic surgeon. He can create a treatment plan that will address the areas that cause you the most distress.

There are two approaches that you can avail of at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery. Non-surgical options such as facial fillers and laser therapy are often enough to achieve desired outcomes. Alternatively, you can opt for surgeries like facelifts that are longer lasting.

Facial Cosmetics Consultation in Atlanta

There are so many treatments that could help you reach your aesthetic goals. The professional team at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery will provide expert consultation. You will have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with an experienced plastic surgeon who can suggest the best path toward facial rejuvenation.

Call the Atlanta offices of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today for your expert consultation. We look forward to putting that smile back on your face. Dr. Stong is a double board-certified surgeon who is fellowship trained and experienced in facial rejuvenation procedures. He can provide options to transform your future.

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