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Get the Results You Wanted with Revision Plastic Surgery

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When undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, the expectation is an improved appearance and natural-looking results. Most surgical procedures require time for your body to heal, and you may experience bruising or minor swelling. Still, the point of undergoing the procedure is the outcome. Once the healing process is underway, you should see positive changes. When the surgery does not properly correct the issue, or makes it worse, it can cause significant psychological distress. An experienced and highly skilled surgeon can improve or correct many procedures. It may be possible to get the results you wanted with revision plastic surgery.

Why Is There a Need for Revision Surgery?

Most people undergoing plastic surgery are thrilled with the outcome. However, it takes special artistry to achieve the best results, no matter which part of the body undergoes a procedure. The need for technical skill and artistry is even more important with revision plastic surgery. Your surgeon must not only understand the original underlying structure, but also any changes that were made. They must then be able to envision your desired outcomes, undo the unsatisfactory work and provide a natural and balanced result.

Revision plastic surgery is a high-level procedure requiring extensive experience and training. When revising an area such as the face, nose, and neck, you want a surgeon who specializes in these areas. Dr. Benjamin Stong is a highly sought-after face and neck surgeon with extensive experience in facelift and rhinoplasty revision.

Common reasons patients request revision plastic surgery are:

  • The original procedure was too aggressive and produced a drastic change the patient did not desire.
  • The original procedure was not aggressive enough and did not address or improve the patient’s primary concerns.
  • The procedure was performed out of the country by underqualified surgeons.
  • The patient developed unwanted side effects from a previous procedure.
  • The patient encountered difficulties during the recovery period, and it affected the final results.
  • The procedure area was injured during the recovery period.
  • The original procedure provided good results, but the patient has changed their mind and wishes to make a change.

Is Revision Plastic Surgery Right for You?

If you are frustrated with your current results, it is reasonable to seek a second opinion. A highly qualified plastic surgeon can examine the procedure areas and help determine if revision plastic surgery is right for you.

Your surgeon may want to order some x-rays, CT or MRI scans. These images will allow them to examine the structures beneath your skin. They can then identify what the previous surgery accomplished and what revisions are possible. Besides the physical examination and imaging, your surgeon will want to have a serious discussion about your surgery goals. They will be open and honest about results, risks, and expectations.

It may be necessary to wait for revision plastic surgery until the original procedure has completely healed. Many plastic surgeries that appear healed on the outside are still healing on the inside. This process can take several months.

Choose Dr. Benjamin Stong for your Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ben Stong is an elite facial plastic surgeon focusing on the head, neck, face, and nose. Dual board-certified and possessing the highest levels of specializations in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he has received repeated recognition for his talent by his peers.

With his extensive background and exceptional credentials, Dr. Stong can review your situation, assess your needs and develop a revision plastic surgery plan. If you are not pleased with the outcome of a facelift or rhinoplasty procedure, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today to book your revision plastic surgery consultation.

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