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The Health Benefits of Treating Yourself in 2017

Self-care is a term that we saw a lot of in 2016, and many have taken it to simply mean more trips to the nail salon and hot baths at the end of a long day. While some may dismiss the idea of self-care as mere indulgence, it may actually offer some big benefits for your health.

For starters, self-care or self-nurturing helps to keep stress levels low. Stress does some not-so-good things to our bodies, including weakening our immune system, interfering with our sleep, triggering weight gain, leaving us more susceptible to chronic diseases, and prematurely aging our skin. But when we take time to care for ourselves, we cut down on that stress, helping to reverse some of those negative effects.

These self-care strategies can help give your health (and your skin) a boost as you approach the upcoming New Year. Give them a try in 2017.

  • Fuel and nourish your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods when and where you can.
  • Make sleep a priority. You can jazz up your bedtime routine by spraying some lavender oil on your pillow or sheets, powering down the electronics, cozying up in comfortable PJ’s, and reading a book before lights out.
  • Carve out a piece of your day for something you enjoy. Even if it’s something small, like flipping through a magazine for 15 minutes on your lunch hour, dedicate some space in the hustle and bustle of everyday for some alone time just for you.
  • Try a bath a couple of times a week, or when your schedule allows. Make an event of it with some Epsom salt and essential oils, maybe a candle or two.
  • Head outside for some restorative time in nature – think a walk around the block after dinner, a weekend hike, or a full-blown camping weekend.

You can also make 2017 the year of you with Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery. From surgical and on-surgical procedures to cosmetic skin care treatments courtesy of our K-Spa, we have a full range of services dedicated and designed to help you look and feel like your best, most nourished self.

Treat yourself this New Year by giving us a call to schedule your consultation today.

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