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How to Juice

Are you into juicing?  It seems our nation’s obsession with kale has extended into the realm of juicing, which is another medium for achieving health benefits through consuming multiple fruits and vegetables in a single serving.  Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of one’s diet, and give way to a healthy body and skin when consumed in recommended quantities.  While super charged juices are extremely healthy, many nutritional experts warn that juices still may not provide the same benefits as consuming whole fruits and vegetables, which have more fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Furthermore, fruit juices may be packed with calories that can quickly add up.  Here we provide tips on how to “juice” the healthy way.

  • Consider Juices a Healthful Snack Nutritionists caution against juicing as one’s sole source of calories for many reasons.  First, while fruit and vegetable juices are great for you, they do not contain the amount of fiber and protein needed to maintain a balanced diet.  Also, when the body goes into ‘fasting’ mode, the metabolism shuts down.  When other foods are finally consumed, fat cells are more readily packed on as the metabolism kicks back into functioning mode.  Juices are certainly a great “pick me up” during the day, and are one great means for getting in the recommended daily dosage of fruits and veggies.  Still, experts recommend eating whole fruits and vegetables on top of juices to get the other nutrient rich parts like the skin and pulp which have more fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t Skimp on Protein and Fiber If you are skipping dinner and juicing instead, make sure you have already consumed your daily allotment of protein and fiber.  Otherwise, when protein and fiber are neglected for too long, and when not enough calories are consumed, the metabolism slows and muscle mass will begin to decrease.  Fatigue is also inevitable which makes exercising difficult.
  • Consume Juices Quickly The best time to consume juices is right after they come out of the blender.  The nutrients will be more plentiful during this time and there will be less risk of evaporation.  Remember also  that juices are unpasteurized, and this will shorten their lifespan.  Drinking juices almost immediately will ensure you get all the good stuff, including antioxidants which are wonderful for skin health and health overall.
  • Choose the Right Juices While the FDA does have basic nutritional guidelines that are recommended for the majority of people, as we know, people can have different nutritional needs depending on their health, age and weight.  If you are ever curious about which juices are best for you, consult with a nutritional expert.  They can make personal recommendations and will take into account health history and current medications.  Believe it or not, some juices that are rich in Vitamin K (like juice from kale and spinach) may interfere with blood clotting medications when consumed in large quantities.  Also, if someone is trying to lose weight, they will want to make sure their juices are not too caloric.

Ultimately, if you are already embracing anti aging lifestyle choices, juicing can only aid in these efforts when done right.

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