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How to Prolong Eyelash Tinting Results

Beautiful woman with long dark eyelashes

It is usual for eyelashes to thin and shorten with age. These minor alterations can dramatically change how your eyes look. Also, some people are born with lighter-colored eyelashes, making the hairs less visible regardless of their size and curve.

In either case, mascara is essential for enhancing those little strands that significantly impact your appearance. However, applying cosmetics can be tedious, the products can be costly and it can make a mess on your face quite easily.

What if you could have those dark, eye-accenting lashes you want without that goo? You can! There is a super simple solution: lash tinting. This procedure permanently darkens your eyelashes with dye, giving you a striking new look. However, even though the dye is permanent, there are some things you should do after the treatment to get the best results.

How Soon After Getting Your Eyelashes Tinted Can You Take a Shower?

Showering is not recommended for the first 24 hours following the procedure. Instead, we recommend giving the lashes a full day to dry to avoid complications. After the 24-hour waiting period, you can resume your regular facial and eyelash cleansing routine.

Can You Use Mascara After a Lash Tint?

Yes, but again, you should wait 24 hours before applying makeup to your eyelashes.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Lashes After Tinting Them?

You need to clean your eyelashes every day. Even when you do not use makeup, allergies, oil and germs can accumulate on your lashes; these buildups need to be removed to keep your lashes in good health. If you wear mascara, wash your lashes before bed to protect them from the chemicals.

How Should You Wash Your Face Following a Lash Tint?

You can wash your face as usual. No extra care or restrictions to cleaning your eyelashes are required after a lash tint is performed.

How Should You Sleep After Having Your Lashes Tinted?

It is best to sleep lying on your back after getting your lashes tinted. When you sleep on your stomach or side, you risk putting stress on your eyelashes, which can damage them.

Is There Anything Else You Should Avoid?

You should refrain from yanking or picking at your lashes. The faster your tinted lashes fall out, the shorter the treatment results last. The lash tinting lasts as long as your eyelashes do. As your lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones (a natural process), your eyelashes will lighten again. Usually, the cycle takes about a month, but pulling your lashes out can shorten the timespan significantly.

When you visit The K Spa for your eyelash tinting appointment, our licensed medical aesthetician will explain everything and answer any of your questions. You can contact us to schedule an appointment when you are ready to transform your face with eyelash tinting.

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