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Improve Your Appearance with Facial Mole Removal

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Are you feeling self-conscious from an unwanted facial mole? These brown or black skin growths are typically harmless. Large, irregular or changing moles could be a sign of skin cancer. Facial mole removal can eliminate these unwanted spots for either health or aesthetic reasons. Here is everything you need to know on how to improve your appearance with facial mole removal.

Types of Facial Mole Removal Treatment

Prior to any treatment, it is important to have the mole checked to ascertain if the mole is benign or cancerous. This will also determine the type of treatment you can receive for facial mole removal. Treatment can help stop the spread of precancerous or cancerous cells while addressing your cosmetic concerns. A plastic surgeon will be able to recommend the best treatment options for your needs. These treatments can be done on an outpatient basis in an hour or less.

There are two main types of facial mole removal treatment. Both types of treatment can involve different techniques. Shave excisions remove moles by using a blade, radiofrequency or laser. Excisional surgery eliminates potentially cancerous moles and the surrounding area of skin and sews up the area with sutures.

Facial Mole Removal Recovery

There is no downtime necessary for facial mole removal recovery. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately. Special care should be taken not to bump or irritate the area while it is healing. Showering and sun exposure may need to be avoided for the first couple days after treatment. You may experience a slight burning or tingling sensation during recovery while the area heals.

Interested in Facial Mole Removal?

Removing moles can get rid of unwanted attention to your face and boost your self-confidence. If you are concerned about your facial moles, you may want to schedule a consultation regarding facial mole removal. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in skin lesion and facial mole removal treatments. Whether you need mole removal for cosmetic or health reasons, Dr. Stong can recommend the best treatment plan to improve your appearance. Call to schedule a consultation today.

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