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Is Rosacea Causing Your Inflamed, Sensitive Skin?

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If you suffer from chronic redness in the center of your face and cheeks, you may have rosacea. You may look like you are always blushing, or like you have just come in from the cold. The redness could also be mistaken for sunburn. You may also have tiny bumps that look similar to acne, giving your skin a rough appearance. You may also experience sensitive, dry skin, and be prone to itching or burning, especially after using products on your face. If you have inflamed, sensitive skin, it is important to see a specialist for an accurate diagnosis.

Rosacea Myths

Rosacea is more than ruddiness of the cheeks. Dr. Stong and the team at Kalos Plastic Surgery know it can have an adverse effect on your well-being. The redness and bumps can be difficult to hide, and there are many social stigmas that persist.

First, rosacea is not acne. Since your skin is already sensitive, treating it with acne products may make things worse. Second, poor hygiene does not cause rosacea. It is not known why some people get the condition and others don’t. Using harsh cleansers or scrubs can irritate your skin, causing your rosacea to flare up even more. Third, there are treatments available. You can find relief from your rosacea symptoms at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery.

Rosacea Treatment in Atlanta

The K Spa is a medical skin spa and is part of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery. The K Spa differs from other ‘facial spas,’ since it is in a medical facility and has physician oversight. At the spa, we know some patients cannot tolerate harsher treatment regimens. We use special facials designed for very sensitive skin and they work well for rosacea.

To treat the redness, scarring and roughness, The K Spa offers Two-Dimensional Laser Facial treatment. By combining Laser Genesis and Limelight Intense Pulse Light, we can treat both superficial and deep levels of the skin. It helps to build collagen and minimize the appearance of bumpy skin texture, red patches and large pores. To rejuvenate your skin, contact the Atlanta rosacea experts at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC today.

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