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Is Weight Loss Affecting Your Face?

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Losing those extra pounds is a healthy goal worth achieving. Getting leaner can help boost your energy level, enhance your overall appearance, correct certain health issues and add years to your life. It can also leave you with sagging facial skin and a neck that leaves a lot to be desired. When weight loss affects your face, you have options to restore it to a more youthful appearance.

The Diet Face

Those individuals who are determined to lose a large amount of weight will find that their appearance will change drastically, and it can show in the face and neck. Younger people have considerably more elasticity in their skin than older people. Not only are they usually able to lose weight faster and easier, their skin is more likely to shrink along with the weight loss. Older adults lose a substantial amount of collagen and elastin over the years. These substances are what give skin that firm, smooth and supple look. The volume under the skin once supplied by fat cells decreases with weight loss. This can leave you with lines and wrinkles that were not as prominent before.

Your new weight loss will most likely provide you with new energy and feelings of vivaciousness that you have not experienced for a while. Yet, your face may now cause you to look older and less healthy. As the supporting skin structure provided by collagen and elastin no longer has the volume it once did, your face may look sunken. If you are not happy with your appearance, you do have options.

Weighing in on the Options

Your options may include surgical or minimally invasive procedures depending on what changes have taken place and your personal goals and preferences. Tightening loose skin and minimizing wrinkles and lines can be accomplished through various techniques. After thoroughly going through your health history, examining the condition of your skin and discussing your concerns and desires, your doctor will develop a plan best suited for your situation.

When weight loss affects your appearance, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule an appointment with Dr. Stong. Find out which options will restore your youthful look and make reaching your weight loss goal the ultimate victory.

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