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Justin Bieber Fan’s Surgery Overload

How far would you go to look like your favorite celebrity?  News is circulating around the web that a diehard Justin Bieber fan named Toby Sheldon allegedly spent around $100,000 to look like the Biebs.  Mr. Sheldon is a music producer living in LA who is 33 years old (Justin Bieber is 19).  The several surgeries that Toby Sheldon has claimed he underwent include a chin reduction, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and “smile surgery” to turn up his lips, as well as multiple hair transplants that were aimed to lower his hairline and reshape the temple area in order to have Justin’s iconic hairstyle.  He also had a good amount of Botox and filler injections to help create a more youthful appearance.

Double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Benjamin Stong, who is not associated with Toby Sheldon, stated, “It is obvious that work has been done in this situation, as Mr. Sheldon has admitted.  His eye area appears to be more lifted which is indicative of a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery.  As well, the fullness in his cheeks and lips could be a result of filler injections.”  Apparently, Toby Sheldon is not finished having plastic surgery, and plans to undergo a rhinoplasty and jaw reduction surgery in the future.

Toby Sheldon claims he has a deeply rooted fear of aging, and that his decision to undergo various procedures had more to do with anti aging than looking like Justin Bieber.  Below are the only ‘before and after’ photos available on the web.  The first shows Mr. Sheldon when he was 23 and the second photo is now, at 33 years old.  We personally think he was an attractive guy before his surgeries, but if he’s happy, that’s all that matters.  He may not be Justin Bieber’s twin, but ultimately choosing to undergo plastic surgery is an incredibly personal decision.  Patients should always work with board certified facial plastic surgeons who are thoroughly skilled in the type of work the patient wishes to have done.

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