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Kim Novak’s Shocking Face Changes

Apparently it is just plain hard to stay away from plastic surgery no matter who you are in Hollywood. Kim Novak was once most well known for being the beautiful actress in the Hitchcock films, but now when her name comes up in conversation she is well known for something drastically different. When Kim Novak took the stage at the 86th Annual Academy Awards she shocked just about everyone. This 81 year old icon was barely recognizable as her facial features were completely altered by the amount of work she has had done. When it comes to Hollywood stars and starlets, even icons can make the mistake of using plastic surgery incorrectly.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, we applaud everyone who chooses to take pains to upkeep the appearance of his or her face. How a person feels about his or her appearance reveals a great deal about how he or she feels about life. However, there are extremes in just about every area of life – plastic surgery being no exception. Kim Novak’s face has no resemblance to the face of her youth. While it is unfair to compare her face in her 20s and 30s to her 81 year old face at the Oscars, when there are such drastic changes they are hard to ignore. Kim Novak’s face has been altered from top to bottom. Her eyebrows are pulled back, creating an uneven look to her deep set eyes. Her cheek implants have pulled her skin so tight that she looks extremely unnatural. Her nose job appears to have pinched her nose to wear it does not blend in with her face. And her chin implant has taken her once dainty chin and transformed it into a masculine one.

Kim Novak is, unfortunately, an example for plastic surgeons and their patients everywhere of what not to do. Her face has a very unnatural and unattractive appearance, and at the Oscars her face looked frozen when she spoke. Ironically, she presented the award for the winner, Frozen. Dr. Benjamin Stong at Kalos has the expertise, training, and knowledge as a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon to help patients bring out their beauty. He helps people choose appropriate procedures so that they do not end up with results like Kim Novak’s.

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