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Kylie Jenner’s Lips

While this 17 year old may wish to continue her charade of “Oh no I didn’t” to the media, there is absolutely no doubt that this young Jenner/Kardashian family member has had her lips altered. Pictures of Kylie Jenner from just a couple of years ago reveal that her lips have changed dramatically. While certain facial features may change somewhat as a person matures, the fullness or lack of fullness of the lips is something that does not change without intervention. Pictures from when Kylie was just 15 years old show that her lips were actually on the thin side; very different from the ones she so famously flaunts in her Instagram selfies.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, we do not condemn Kylie Jenner from enhancing her pout. While we do believe that 17 years old is a bit young to undergo certain procedures, we understand the desire to change certain features in order to achieve a desirable look. A full pout has been a source of attraction for centuries. Full lips are considered to be sultry and sexy, and they can dramatically change the appearance of a person. Kylie Jenner’s appearance has certainly grown up in the last few years. No longer does she even look like a teenager, but her looks have been completely changed by the alterations she has made to her lips…and what appear to be other areas of her face.

Dr. Benjamin C. Stong leads Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery and offers his award winning expertise to all of his patients. His goal is to help each of his patients achieve a desirable and appropriate result through plastic surgery techniques. Kylie Jenner lives in a world very different from most people, and her family and money may make choices about plastic surgery seem flippant and with little regard to her as a person. At Kalos, we understand that the face holds most of a person’s recognizable features – it’s what people first think of when they remember someone. We want to create a look that is beautiful, and one that will make you proud to show off – not deny.

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