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Latisse and Lash Tint

The K Spa has an effective regimen for patients who want to have stunning eyelashes naturally. Everyone loves long, lush lashes and patients constantly ask what they can do to get this look without having to put on false eyelashes or lash extensions. Our regimen involves using Latisse Eyelash Enhancement, a prescription product for longer, fuller lashes, and eyelash tint for darkening. A patient of mine began this regimen several months before her wedding and honeymoon, and was amazed with how gorgeous her lashes were for both events. She had originally planned to have her makeup artist apply false lashes for her wedding, but did not need them. Additionally, on her honeymoon, she was able to go sans mascara and eye makeup as her long, full, dark lashes made her eyes stand out beautifully.

In my experience, patients need to plan on using Latisse every night for three to four months to see full results. This is because the product needs to stimulate growth for each individual lash (and we have hundreds!). We have no way of knowing which lashes are in the growing phase at any given point, and Latisse works to produce longer, fuller, darker lashes when the hair is in the phase of growth. To impact all lashes, it normally takes about three to four months. Once patients achieve the “full effect,” they are able to taper down to using the product a few times a week instead of every night if they so desire. It is quite simple to use, and a kit should last a patient several months. It is also incredibly safe, and side effects are rare.

On its own, Latisse is incredibly effective at helping patients grow their own long, full, dark lashes, but I have found that as an added boost, lash tint produces even more amazing results. My favorite color of lash tint is “blue black,” which appears as shiny, silky, light reflecting black. Our tint is all natural, vegetable dye with no harmful additives. It is non-irritating and safe, and the procedure is fast, taking about 15 minutes. I normally recommend patients start by using Latisse for at least three months, or until they have seen significant growth in their lashes. Then, we follow with eyelash tint which lasts about three to four weeks. It is perfect before vacations, weddings, honey moons or other big events, but many patients do it regularly as it saves them from having to use mascara or eye makeup. Also, who doesn’t love to wake up with naturally gorgeous eyelashes?

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement is only sold at physician’s offices as it is a prescription grade product. As well, it is important to find a trained professional to perform eyelash tinting. Consult with the experts at the K Spa today to see if you are a candidate for Latisse and eyelash tinting for naturally gorgeous lashes.

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