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Lindsay’s Trout Lips

Lindsay Lohan has been in the public eye almost weekly for the last 10 years. From her golden days of Parent Trap to her now embarrassing rap sheet, Lindsay has gone through many different changes over the last decade. However, one change that she has made is now repeatedly making headlines. While we at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC applaud Lindsay’s apparent positive lifestyle changes, her choice of plastic surgery leaves little to be applauded.

Trout Lips, Duck Lips, a Fat Pout – whatever the most common slang for lip injections is among Hollywood’s starlets, people need to carefully consider them before having them done. Lip injections can cause a dramatic appearance change to a person’s face. For Lindsay, her plump lips do not fit her face. Lindsay Lohan’s natural face is a slimmer shape with naturally radiant cheekbones. By choosing to over-inject her lips with a filler, her lips are now the focal point of her face. Her lips do not have a natural shape because her top lip is the same fullness as her bottom lip. Her lips also do not move or rest, as natural lips should. They seem to continually stick out from the face the way a trout’s lips stick out. That may be fine for a fish, but not a Hollywood starlet, and certainly not for anyone who is hoping to achieve a more attractive appearance from plastic surgery.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Benjamin Stong uses his years of expertise as a dual board certified plastic surgeon to help his patients achieve their appearance goals. He uses his knowledge of the facial structure to make decisions about what procedures are going to benefit a patient, and which ones are not. Perhaps Lindsay was not in a good place when she made the decision to have her lip injections, but we hope that she finds a surgeon who will help Lindsay make wise decisions about her appearance. And we at Kalos wish her success in her personal life.

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