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Lipoma Treatment in Atlanta

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Lipomas are non-cancerous tumors that can occur anywhere on the body and are caused by an abundance of fat cell growth. A facial lipoma can be unsightly and bothersome, leading many people who have them to get them removed by our Atlanta plastic surgeon.

Recognizing A Lipoma

Since lipomas are constructed of fat, the bump will be soft to the touch and move when it’s poked or prodded. Lipomas usually grow slowly over a period of months or years and are painless.

Causes of Lipomas

After many studies and tons of research, doctors and scientists still aren’t completely sure what causes the excessive growth of fat cells. We do know that there is a rare inherited gene known as familial multiple lipomatosis, which causes the growth of one or more lipomas and that these bumps are more frequent in people who suffer from Gardner’s syndrome, Cowden syndrome, Madelung’s disease, and adiposis dolorosa. In addition, researchers have found that some lipomas may be the result of injury to the affected area.

When to See A Doctor

If you notice any lumps or bumps on any part of your skin, it’s always best to see a professional and get a proper diagnosis.

If you know you have a lipoma and experience the following changes, you should also visit a doctor:

  • Your bump has been increasing in size
  • Sudden growth
  • Pain
  • Redness or is hot to the touch
  • Becomes hard and won’t move anymore
  • Visible changes to the skin

Lipoma Treatment in Atlanta

To get a proper diagnosis or to have your lipoma treated and removed visit our Atlanta plastic surgeon. Dr. Stong will not only remove the bump but will also take steps to ensure that the final aesthetics of the removal site are as pleasing as possible. Give us a call today.

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