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Lumpy, Bumpy Foreheads

“When I was a child, my father had a lumpy growth behind his ear. He always joked that it was a little extra space for his brain. His father also had one on his forehead. I expect that as I age, I will have one, too.”

Small “lumpy growths” on the head, especially the forehead, are not uncommon. While you should have it checked out, nine times out of ten, the lump is a benign osteoma. These are actually small outgrowths of bone, between the facial skin and the skull. Not typically cancerous or malignant, an osteoma can still be a bothersome presence for you to have on your forehead. It may make you feel self-conscious or less attractive, the way a pimple did when you were a teen. Unlike a blemish, though, an osteoma won’t go away on its own.

Easy and Scar Free Revision

Thankfully, with a double-board certified plastic surgeon on your side, there is a solution to treating osteomas. In approximately 30 minutes, give or take, Dr. Ben Stong can rid you of the lumpy bump with little to no scarring.

The surgery is done endoscopically — with a tiny camera inserted through a small incision — typically in your hairline to reduce scarring. The excess bone can be shaved off and removed. Most people don’t even need general anesthesia for this procedure, a local anesthetic and light sedative are usually enough. However, an IV anesthetic can be provided if you prefer.

Whether you have an osteoma, or a mole, or even wrinkles that bother you, you don’t have to be held captive by your genetics. Dr. Benjamin Stong of Kalos Plastic Surgery can help you have a better quality of life, free of the lumps, bumps, wrinkles and crinkles of time. Call our Atlanta office today to set an appointment for your consultation.

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