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Melanie Griffith’s Tragic Plastic Surgeries

Melanie Griffith has been known in the Hollywood circle since her role in Working Girl in 1988. However, the Melanie of 1988 looks almost unrecognizable as the Melanie Griffith of 2015. While the actress blames a great deal of her tragic beauty circumstances on her failed relationships saying that she has always wanted a permanent relationship with a man and the lack of it affected her, there are other circumstances that could have been avoided. The overuse of plastic surgeries being at the top of the list.

Melanie Griffith had an all-American appearance and spirit about her that people loved and were very attracted to in her younger days. However, many failed and botched procedures have left her with a very “plastic” appearance that few consider desirable any longer. While it is no secret that many women in Hollywood feel very insecure about their appearances as they grow older, this insecurity often leads to the choice of surgery, and unfortunately, unwanted results. At first, the procedures that Melanie Griffith had done were received with positive results. However, the continued choices to have more and more done to her face have turned into disasters. Before and after pictures of this actress can hardly be recognized as the same person. Botox injections, cheek implants, lip augmentation procedures, eye brow lift, face lift, and possible other procedures have all done nothing for the natural beauty that this once well loved actress had. While we understand that there are hardships that we all face in our lives, repeated surgeries of the face are not necessary the best coping mechanisms.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC Dr. Benjamin Stong leads this outstanding Atlanta practice with the experience and expertise of a surgeon who wants the best for his patients. While he listens intently to his patients’ desires and reasons behind their surgical choices, Dr. Stong also offers his expert advice as a Dual Board plastic surgeon so that his patients have optimal results, not ones they will regret. If you are interested in having changes made to improve your facial appearance, please contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC today.

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