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New Year, New You!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Tonight is all about celebration, remembering and reflecting on the past year, and looking towards the future.  Tomorrow begins a new year and a new beginning.  What will be on your list of New Year resolutions?  Many people decide to be healthier by joining a gym or eating more sensibly.  If you are thinking about your health and wanting to make improvements in the new year, don’t forget about your skin!

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has several functions.  Without sounding too much like an anatomy text book, it provides sensation, heat regulation, absorption, protection, excretion and secretion (we promise there won’t be a quiz on that).  Because the skin is so important in our overall anatomy, it is up to us to keep it in the best condition possible.  To do this, just remember that skin health is all about protection and maintenance.

Protection obviously means we need to safe guard our skin from the elements.  Ultra violet rays are probably the biggest source of potential damage to the skin.  Therefore, sunscreen should be worn every single day, all year round!  Leave a bottle in your shower to apply first thing in the morning, and leave one at work to reapply before you leave in the afternoon.  If you know you’ll be outside during the day, bring a bottle with you for frequent reapplication.  In addition to sunscreen, antioxidants are great for protection.  Some sunscreens are incorporating antioxidants into their ingredient lists (like Revision Intellishade).  When sunscreens contain antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E, and green tea (to name a few), they will be much more powerful and effective.  Antioxidants are also available in supplement form, and some people choose to take them orally each day (consult with your physician first).

To maintain skin health (and youth), a good home care regimen is a must.  Cosmetic treatments are great, but if you aren’t taking care of your skin at home on a daily basis, the treatments you get from your esthetician will only be able to do so much.  It is important to consult with a licensed skin professional about which products to use at home, as some people have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.  The reality is, it is possible to have an effective home skin care regimen without breaking the bank.  Investing in quality products with quality ingredients is much better than having an arsenal of products that don’t work.  Vitamin A has been shown to be one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients.  Vitamin A is found in tretinoin and retinol (etc.) and has been proven to actually correct past cellular DNA damage.  Patients are normally instructed to use Vitamin A at night so correction takes place while their body is in rest and repair mode.  By using medical grade skin care every day and night, you will be able to maintain skin health and youth.

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