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Patrick Dempsey’s Flawless Face

The one greatest compliment that anyone can give someone who has had plastic surgery is that it looks completely normal. A nose that turns out unrealistically skinny, breasts that turn out ridiculously large, and a facelift that leaves the face looking stretched out are all signs of plastic surgeries gong wrong. However, heartthrob Patrick Dempsey chose a good surgeon and ended up with impeccable results.

While Patrick Dempsey’s nose job is noticeable, people have forgotten all about the procedure because he had the surgery done when he was young. The extra volume in his nose was removed, and the tip of his nose was narrowed to make him look much more distinguished. This procedure not only did him well while he was a young actor looking to make it big in Hollywood, but it has sustained him well as he has aged.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Benjamin Stong looks beyond just the moment when it comes to correcting facial issues for his patients. The goal is not to simply make a person look better now. No, the ultimate goal is go help all patients look their best for life. A nose procedure that is chosen based on the latest fad will ultimately go out of style in a few years, leaving patients coming back in for the “new nose”. However, Dr. Stong works will all of his patients to achieve the best look for them on an individual basis. Fads should not be taken into consideration when changing the face. Symmetry, balance, and how the face will develop over time are the important factors.

It is obvious that the surgeon that Patrick Dempsey chose to perform his nose job while Patrick was young took into account the most important factors. And that is what all patients can expect from Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC.

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