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Product Spotlight: Lytera Skin Brightening Complex

I am pleased to review and spotlight Lytera Skin Brightening Complex, a revolutionary, new product by Skin Medica (an Allergan company).  Lytera works to effectively brighten the entire complexion by lightening discoloration caused by sun and hormonal changes.  What I really love about this product is that it is hydroquinone-free, so more patients can use it and all patients can use it long-term.  It utilizes an alternative lightening and brightening mechanism to hydroquinone that delivers long lasting results.  Lytera works for patients with mild to severe pigmentation issues, and delivers a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, and natural extracts to the skin in the process.

The Lytera Brightening System (which includes Lytera Brightening Complex, Retinol Complex, a facial cleanser and a broad spectrum sunscreen) was compared to an alternative 7-step system that contained a daily dose of 12% hydroquinone, and the systems showed almost identical scores in overall patient improvement.  While hydroquinone can be very effective at skin lightening, not everyone can use it due to contraindicating health conditions.  As well, the FDA only recommends usage of hydroquinone for a few months at a time due to potential build up in the liver (although human testing of liver toxicity from hydroquinone topical use has not ever been fully confirmed).  Hydroquinone works to inhibit tyrosinase (an enzyme in the body that is involved in melanin production), but it does not effectively shut down the actual melanocyte, or pigmented cell.  Therefore, many patients observe that after they stop using hydroquinone, pigmentation returns.  Lytera was formulated with ingredients that work to degrade the melanocyte instead of merely suppressing tyrosinase.  The results of Lytera will ultimately be more long lasting because of its formulation and ingredients which work to lighten pigmented cells.

Lytera Brightening Complex has a 100% patient satisfaction rating “in a long term efficacy and tolerability study” according to the manufacturer.  Seeing is believing with skin care, as many products make claims but cannot back them up with results.  I have personally observed incredible results with Lytera in terms of the overall evenness of my skin tone and lightening of sun-induced pigmentation.  I have also observed similar results with my patients who have mild to severe pigmentation issues, further proving that this product is able to treat a variety of skin conditions in a multitude of patients.

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