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Raquel Welch Stuns at 75

Known best for her emerging role in One Million Years BC, Raquel Welch’s beauty is above par when it comes to Hollywood stars. While her love life has been rather turbulent over the years, her ageless appearance has kept fans in awe for decades. Pictures of this 75 year old star are almost unbelievable as Raquel Welch appears no older than the upper 40s. While is it undeniable that Ms. Welch has amazing genes that have been working in her favor throughout her entire life, well chosen plastic surgery procedures and surgeons have benefited this Hollywood starlet beyond what most celebrities ever experience.

Raquel Welch’s face has hardly any signs of her true age. Her skin is tight, lifted, and full. Her cheeks are extremely prominent, her lips voluminous, and her complexion is flawless and radiant. However, upon closer examination it is obvious that Ms. Welch has undergone numerous amounts of surgical procedures in order to keep up her appearances. It is obvious that Raquel has had cheek implants as her cheeks are more prominent today than they were 20 years ago. There is also a U-shaped gathering in her skin right under her nose that makes it extremely obvious that the area around her entire mouth has been altered. Botox injections are most likely the cause of her seamless forehead and lack of wrinkles around the corners of her mouth. Raquel’s looks have changed dramatically since her debut in 1966, but her attractiveness has not.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, we admire the amount of time and care Raquel Welch has devoted to her appearance, and it is obvious that she had top-notch surgeons working with her to achieve her radiant looks. Dr. Benjamin C. Stong leads Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery as a dual board certified surgeon who is dedicated to his patients and helping them achieve outstanding results. If you are interested in learning how you, too, can turn back the hands of time, call Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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