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Remarkable Results with Voluma XC

The long awaited Voluma XC facial filler is now available in the United States, and we were among the first offices in Atlanta to carry this revolutionary new product.  Voluma is used to treat volume loss in the mid face, and addresses the “three dimensional” effects of aging.  As we age, our skin becomes more lax, fine lines are more pronounced, and we lose significant volume, especially in the cheeks.  The “S” or “ogee” curve is used to measure volume in the cheek area (if you imagine an “S” shape around the cheek bone in cheeks without volume loss).  When a patient has flat or “sunken” cheeks, the “curve” is less present.  Voluma is the newest facial injectable product available on the market that is indicated to restore volume loss in the mid face/cheek region.

The key to successful injections with Voluma first involves analysis of the individual patient’s face, symmetry and volume loss.  Once the patient has been “assessed” for these conditions, I will then have a better vision of where I need to inject the product to restore volume and youthfulness to the patient’s face.  By working from the zygomatic arch (cheek bone arch), through the cheeks, and finally down to the submalar region or lower cheek region, significant volume is created, and the patient will notice fuller cheeks and an overall “lifted” appearance.  While Voluma is not indicated to simply fill lines, patients will notice that nasolabial folds (“smile lines”) are significantly minimized following treatment with Voluma.

The ideal candidate for Voluma XC is a patient who has volume loss in the mid cheek region.  I see patients in their thirties who are beginning to see volume loss in the mid face region, and desire to restore this volume to create a more youthful appearance.  Conversely, I also see patients who are in their sixties with more significant volume loss in the cheeks who benefit from more product.  We can treat a broad spectrum of patients with Voluma, as we assess each patient differently, and create a product protocol that will benefit each patient uniquely.  One of the largest benefits to using Voluma is the longevity of this product.  It lasts up to two years, which can be more than double the time frame of other filling products.

Consult with the experts at Kalos today if you believe you are a candidate for Voluma XC.

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Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.