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Remove Port Wine Stains with Laser Therapy

Woman undergoing facial laser therapy.

Port wine stains are typically harmless. However, for some people, their cosmetic appearance might cause psychological distress. Thankfully, they can often be removed using laser treatments.

What are Port Wine Stains?

A port wine stain is a type of birthmark caused by congenital abnormalities of the skin’s capillaries and veins. The psychological effects of a port wine stain can be profound, especially if the affected area is the face. Port wine stains are frequently found on the face, but they can appear elsewhere on the body and typically cover substantial surface areas.

Although most of these birthmarks do not pose a health risk, they can occasionally indicate an underlying disorder, including Sturge-Weber syndrome.

What Do They Look Like?

A port wine stain is a flat skin mark that appears at birth. They are reddish/purple, as their name suggests. If left untreated, the patches may gradually turn darker with age and resemble cobblestones, with raised ridges and lumps. It has been suggested that the area’s disrupted innervation contributes to its profoundly dark and nodular appearance.

Are Port Wine Stains Common?

Approximately three out of every 1000 children are affected by these birthmarks. However, girls are twice as likely as boys to have a port wine stain, although experts do not know why.

How Do You Get Rid of Port Wine Stains?

Laser therapy is the recommended treatment for port wine stains. The laser generates heat that penetrates the skin. The heat destroys the blood vessels and diminishes the port wine stain’s appearance on the skin’s surface. Typically, several laser treatments are required to achieve the best outcomes.

However, the first step in treatment is an evaluation to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any underlying medical issues. Dr. Benjamin Stong will assess your exact anatomical position and the intensity of your skin pigmentation before recommending a treatment option. Laser treatment can begin after an appropriate examination.

Ready to Get Rid of That Port Wine Stain?

Are port-wine stains affecting your self-confidence and mental health? Contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC today to learn more about Port Wine Stain Removal in Atlanta.

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