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Renee Zellweger’s New Look

Rumors have been flooding the web recently about Renee Zellweger and her changed appearance.  Some even stated she was “unrecognizable” at a screening event in early November.  So, what gives?  She does look different, but it is somewhat difficult to pin point exactly what has been changed that would contribute to her new look.

Renee has always been known for her signature, cute, “squinty” eyes, and full, apple-shaped cheeks.  One should note that the photos above were taken two years apart, and people naturally age over time.  In our opinion, it appears Renee had some Botox (or other “neurotoxin”) to change the overall expression of her eyes and eyebrows.  Otherwise, as it appears from the photos below, her face appears thinner, and it just simply looks like she has aged a bit, which is completely natural.  Renee is entering her mid-forties, and we think she is aging very gracefully.

Her face could appear longer and more narrow from weight loss or the natural aging process.  It is possible she had procedures to reshape her chin or jaw, but the photos are not very telling to this speculation.  Dr. Benjamin Stong, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon (who is not affiliated with Renee Zellweger), stated, “The most noticeable change is with her eyes.  Botox can be used to alter the appearance of one’s eyes and eyebrows significantly.  There is nothing else that really stands out that would point to definitive surgical or cosmetic procedures.  She has probably just been aging naturally, as all of us do.”

Because actors and celebrities so frequently have to count on their physical appearance for work, when their “look” changes significantly, it seems like the whole world takes notice.  This probably isn’t fair, but it is just what happens when you are an A-List celebrity in Hollywood.  We have always loved Renee ever since her Jerry Maguire days, and can’t wait to watch her next artistic moves.

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