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Skin Care Trends: BB and CC Creams

We have all heard of “BB” and “CC” creams, the newest and trendiest products to grace the shelves of Sephora and beyond. I was just getting used to the idea of the BB cream when came the arrival of the CC cream. Recently a patient asked me my thoughts on these products and if I believed they were good skin care. I think the idea of a multi-purpose product that is time saving and packed full of effective ingredients is a great asset to anyone’s skin care regimen. I am a bit skeptical about this idea, however, as so far, I am yet to find such a product!

One may wonder what the difference is between a BB and CC cream. From what I can tell, it is somewhat brand specific as certain lines and different products within these lines claim to do different things. The consensus seems to agree that BB creams are more for priming the skin while CC creams have a bit more coverage and may be more likely to contain SPF.

When selecting a product that claims to be all-inclusive, it is important to read the labels and to understand what actually makes up the product. It could claim, for example, to be full of potent antioxidants like green tea or Vitamin C, but in reality, could only have a fraction of said ingredient. For skin to reap the benefits of these ingredients, the product must be supercharged, containing enough to actually do any good. If you see an ingredient appear last on the list, you will know the percentage is very low. Normally products that contain a significant amount of active ingredient will be marked as such: my Vitamin C serum is 15%, for example (which we know through research is high enough to create change in the skin).

I think the bottom line on BB and CC creams is they can make great tinted moisturizers, and especially during summer when a lighter finish and feel is desired. If you plan on using one of these products in the morning as your makeup and sunscreen, make sure the sunscreen component is broad spectrum and contains zinc, titanium or both (also sunscreen still needs to be reapplied every two hours). As well, if you want a super potent antioxidant or other active ingredient, you are more likely to find it in a medical-grade, “cosmeceutical” (cosmetic plus pharmaceutical) line. To date, every morning I use multiple skin care products to ensure I am getting enough of the essential ingredients my skin needs. In the meantime, if I find an all-encompassing skin care/makeup that is as potent as all of the products I use, I will be sure to report about it.

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