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Subtle Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly common cosmetic surgical procedure and we do plenty in my office.  I view rhinoplasty surgery as I do other cosmetic procedures: the result should be dramatic but should not look artificial or unnatural.   Some of my patients come in with more complicated issues that require more advanced surgical techniques, while others come in simply wanting subtle changes to their nose.  For example, a small change to the tip of the nose can make a huge impact, especially if the other structures of the nose (bridge, etc.) do not require alteration.

Many times, a dramatic result will be perceived as dramatic to the patient, but to outsiders, the change will appear more natural and the patient will simply look ‘refreshed’ or have a more balanced face.  When outsiders cannot pin point what work someone has had done, it is a sign of good work.  Of course, if someone had a rather large or prominent nose to begin with, the change will be noticeable, and the patient will want the change to be noticeable.  Cosmetic surgery requires a financial and time commitment from the patient and these efforts should go towards an exceptional result. I like to evaluate each patient individually and I always treat each case differently, never duplicating the exact same methods and techniques.  I like to have a detailed consultation with my patients to go over their goals and expectations, and then propose a plan of action that is in line with their desired objectives.  We have the capability to use digital imaging to show patients what an “after” result would look like, giving patients a broad understanding of what to expect following surgery.

Many patients are pleased to know that by making subtle changes to the nose, a dramatic yet natural result can be accomplished.  I pride myself on knowing that my techniques are able to achieve the patient’s desired result and potentially eliminate the need for having a revision rhinoplasty.  Changes to the nose, however subtle or dramatic, can make very positive changes to the patient’s face, making the features all together more attractive.  This is one reason rhinoplasty surgery is one of my favorites to perform.  I love to hear patient feedback and see the increased confidence the surgery gives to patients.  This is my ultimate reward as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

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