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Summer Skin Care

While it is important to practice good skin care year-round, in the summer, it is most important to protect your skin from the powerful and damaging rays of the sun.  Not only can the sun cause pre-mature aging, but it also can cause skin cancer.  This summer, we recommend two products for ultimate skin protection: sunscreen and antioxidants.

Sunscreen is a no-brainer for skin protection.  It should be broad-spectrum and reapplied every two hours.  I am biased towards “physical block” sunscreens, or those containing zinc, titanium or a combination of the ingredients.  A trick to remembering to apply your sunscreen every morning is to get a big bottle and leave it in your shower.  After showering, apply it after your moisturizer (or in place of moisturizer if you find it does the trick by itself).  I always keep a bottle in my purse for application throughout the day.  When I leave work in the afternoon, I know my morning sunscreen has worn off, so I apply more to the areas of my skin that are exposed.  When I’m at the beach, I religiously reapply after getting in the water or sweating and go no longer than 2 hours before reapplying.

Antioxidants, like Vitamin C, will also help protect your skin from environmental damage.  There are several great antioxidant serums available from various cosmecuetical lines found at physician’s offices.  Normally serums are more concentrated but you may also find powerful antioxidant creams.  Apply this product in the morning in order for it to work against free radical damage that occurs during the day.  Examples of free radicals are sun, pollution and second hand smoke which work to the detriment of our cells, eventually causing cells to die.  Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, thus preventing damage to cells.  In the morning, after washing my face, I apply my Vitamin C serum, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.

Practicing regular skin protection is paramount in the overall health of your skin.  By incorporating sunscreen and antioxidants into your daily skin care regimen, you can feel confident you are protecting your skin.  Just remember to reapply your sunscreen and carry it with you during the day if that makes it easier to remember.

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