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Sylvester Stallone’s Transformation Over the Years

Who could forget when Sly debuted his uber famous roles in Rocky and Rambo in the ’70’s and ’80’s.  Even for those too young to remember the iconic movies, everyone knows who Sylvester Stallone is from his various acting roles and producing the award winning series The Expendables.  Sly’s career has only ballooned since he first began his career as a struggling actor.  His look has also been through many transformations since his initial rise to fame decades ago.

Most notably, at the Venice Film Festival in 2009, Sly’s face was sporting some very noticeable tweaks.  Many commented that he had a “frozen” appearance, and his eyebrows stayed in a constantly raised, “startled looking” position.  It is possible this was a result of Botox injections, or maybe a forehead or eyebrow lift.

Double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong, who is not affiliated with Sylvester Stallone, stated, “It does appear that Sylvester Stallone has had some cosmetic enhancements over the years.  The most noticeable change is with his forehead and eyebrows.  When there is lack of movement in the forehead and eyebrows, and when it appears they almost seem to be ‘frozen,’ it is normally the result of injections with neurotoxins [Botox, etc.] or the result of a forehead or brow lift.”

Stallone has always been known for his muscular physique that was a necessity for his role in Rocky and other films.  In 2007, 48 vials of the synthetic human growth hormone Jintropin were discovered and seized by customs in an Australian airport.  Stallone quickly bounced back from this setback with The Expendables and other huge blockbuster hits.  So, even if his appearance has changed over the years, we still love Sly, and appreciate his creative genius.  Even if some critics slam him for his various cosmetic procedures, we can’t wait to see what awesome projects he comes out with next.

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