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Teenage Plastic Surgery

Let’s face it, kids can be cruel. During adolescent years, self-confidence can be low, especially if peers are pointing out physical flaws. Most teens seek plastic surgery to improve their appearance and overall self-esteem. Although many people may view teen plastic surgery as inappropriate or premature, the benefits of improving one’s self-esteem can be invaluable. Adults may view plastic surgery as a way to stand out, but for teens, it’s often a way to fit in.

Parents are the ultimate decision makers and should be 100% sure their teen is ready to proceed with surgery. There are many things to consider before allowing your teen to go under the knife. Parents should always understand the motivation of the desired surgery and be supportive of any decision made. Teenage plastic surgery has a place for the right candidate. If a teen girl has a nose that is too big for their face or an injury has left her nose crooked and she’s having trouble breathing, a Rhinoplasty may be an excellent option. If a teen boy has protruding ears that have caused him to be teased for years, an Otoplasty may be an appropriate surgery.

Contrarily, a bad surgery candidate would be someone who finds a small issue life shattering and is overly eager to go under the knife. It’s hard to find teens that are totally confident with their looks, but sometimes surgery isn’t the best solution. Is the teen mature enough to make long-term decisions or are they rushing into a situation purely based on emotion? An anxious desire to alter a physical feature can be an indication of a deeper problem. Mental illnesses such as body dysmorphic disorder are often developed in younger years and should be identified properly. Teens are also especially susceptible to media and the desire to look more mature. A teen girl who wants breast implants to look more like her favorite celebrity is normal, but is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Most parents agree to plastic surgery for their child if it is indicated and improves the child’s quality of life and happiness. Determining to undergo surgery requires good communication between the surgeon, parents and the teen. Doctors should be very clear about the risks of surgery and expectations. Choosing a dual-board certified plastic surgeon minimizes the risk that all pros and cons won’t be evaluated thoroughly and ensures the chances for the best possible outcomes.

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