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The Benefits of a Brow Lift

Eye and Eyelid

The brow and forehead can draw the wrong type of attention due to shape, size and blemishes such as wrinkles. Lift procedures can improve the appearance of these areas. Benefits will vary according to the patients needs. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer a full consultation before recommending the right treatment options for you.

It is important to understand the benefits and risks of a brow lift before you consent to surgery. There are both non-surgical and surgical options available. The more invasive the procedure, the longer it will typically take you to recover and heal, but the longer your results will last.

Removal of Wrinkles & Fine Lines

One of the most common applications of this type of procedure is the removal of wrinkles and fine lines. These skin blemishes often result from frequently frowning. However, other factors include aging, sun exposure or genetic components.

Getting rid of wrinkles and lines on your forehead will create a more youthful appearance. You will also look a lot friendlier without the specter of constantly frowning. We have treatments at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery that can address minor to moderate wrinkles and lines on the forehead.

Lifting Sagging Eyebrows

Sagging eyebrows can make you appear old and tired. For some people, this appearance is linked to genetics. For others, aging and illnesses can cause the eyebrows to sag. No matter the reason, a consultation with Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery is recommended.

We can use lifting techniques to improve the appearance of your brows. You can achieve results including rejuvenation, balance of facial features and a more pleasing aesthetic. Call our Atlanta offices to learn more.

Youthful Appearance

The forehead and brow have a greater impact on your appearance than you may realize. Wrinkles, lines and sagging create the appearance of aging. If you want to remain youthful without going to extremes, Kale Plastic Surgery offers minimally invasive treatment options. To achieve optimum results, we can use surgical procedures to help you reach your rejuvenation goals.

Reach out to Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today to learn more about forehead lift procedures in Atlanta. We can arrange a consultation that is convenient for you.

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