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The Corner Mouth Lift

In my practice, I see many patients who are going through the inevitable aging process.  As collagen and elastin fibers break down, the skin loses elasticity and volume, and begins to sag.  Many times, we forget that the position of the mouth and lips is very important to maintaining the appearance of youthful, lifted skin.  For patients with prominent volume and elasticity loss around the corners of the mouth, oral commissure rejuvenation or a “corner mouth lift,” can restore youth and tightness.

The corners of the mouth can turn down with age, or can always have a downward appearance because of genetics.  More frequently, we see that gravity will begin to pull down the corners of the mouth, creating a constant sad or angry appearance.  This is sometimes referred to a “marionette” appearance as the facial drooping extends from a fold at the junction of the cheeks and lips.  Patients not only wish to restore youthfulness to their face, but they wish to correct this constant unhappy look which does not truly reflect their feelings or personality.

Hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm etc.) provide a temporary solution to a drooping mouth.  Many patients do not wish to have repeat injections every several months, and seek a more permanent fix with the corner lip lift.  The procedure is relatively easy to undergo, and can be performed under local anesthesia in under one hour.  There is also minimal recovery and downtime associated with the surgery.

To restore youthfulness to the entire mouth area, the corner lip lift is a wonderful option.  It is amazing to see how much this uncomplicated surgery can change a patient’s overall appearance.  For patients who have previously had filler injections and seek a more permanent option, or for patients who have not tried other treatment options, we find the corner lip lift to be the best solution for those who suffer from a drooping mouth.  Make sure to consult with an experienced, board certified facial plastic surgeon to ensure the best surgical outcome.

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