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The Human Barbie Doll

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has gained a large international following for her uncanny similarities to Barbie.  She gets positive and negative attention alike, from adoring fans to harsh critics.  It is definitely hard to ignore the “human Barbie doll” as her looks are so extreme that in many pictures, she doesn’t even look real.  Some critics have claimed that the most unrealistic looking photos of Valeria have been edited with Photoshop to make her appearance more doll-like, but she claims this is untrue.  The next question is, what work has she had done that makes her look like Barbie?  She claims the only plastic surgery she has had is breast enhancement surgery, and everything else  is natural.

For some people, looking like a doll is considered the epitome of being beautiful.  There are many Youtube tutorials on doll makeup, and Valeria accredits much of her look to specialized makeup techniques.  She also wears special contact lenses to make her eyes big and blue.  She states she has had no facial plastic surgery, and denies any such claims.  There are a few photos of Valeria online that show her without makeup, and it is fair to say she is quite an attractive girl naturally.

We can’t locate too many photos of Valeria before her rise to “fame” as a human Barbie doll, so it is hard to say if major changes have been made to her face.  From a few “before” shots, it does appear that her nose is thinner and more refined now.  This would indicate she potentially had rhinoplasty surgery, though she denies ever having any facial plastic surgery.  She states all of her facial “changes” are due to makeup techniques alone.

Her waist is extremely tiny in proportion to the rest of her body, and some speculate she had ribs removed to make her waist so narrow.  She adamantly denies this and accredits her small frame to eating an all vegetarian diet and exercise.

While we don’t think Valeria ever needed to enhance herself to look like a Barbie, we understand that each individual’s signature look is extremely personal, and we ultimately support individuality.  As long as people are “altering” themselves in a safe and healthy way, we believe diversity is what makes the world go ’round.

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