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The New Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has never shied away from setting her own style in Hollywood. In fact, what many of her devoted fans have loved about Ms. Zellweger is that she has always seemed to embrace her quirks that make her unique. Well, she did.

Last week, Renee Zellweger stunned her fans and many people in Hollywood with her new, almost unrecognizable appearance. Her famous puckered mouth was replaced by a new smile, stretched at the corners and looking nothing like the ones her fans loved. Her entire forehead looks bigger, her cheeks lengthened with much more definition, and her eyes appear pulled up from the lids. In fact, Renee Zellweger almost looks like she has put two different faces together.

Renee Zellweger’s once cute, round, likeable, and distinct face has been replaced by another copycat version of someone else. While we at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC believe that everyone has the choice for how to change or improve his or her appearance, we do offer our guidance and expertise to ensure that the right surgery is done for each patient. Most people do not need to, nor do they desire, to look like a completely different person. Ms. Zellweger lives in a very stressful world where appearances matter above all else, and if she felt the need to change her appearance this drastically for her career, we wish her all the best.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Benjamin Stong is a highly trained dual board plastic surgeon that understands the anatomy of the face and how even simple changes can enhance a person’s appearance. Call Kalos today to schedule a consultation to determine the best option(s) for creating your own fresh look, while still maintaining the ability for others to recognize who you are.

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