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Tips for a Successful Recovery

The period after a surgical procedure that extends until the patient is healed and ready to resume working or other activities is referred to as the recovery period.  Planning for recovery is almost as important as planning and being ready for surgery.  When a patient has realistic expectations about the recovery period and when they actively plan to make recovery successful, the overall surgical outcome will be enhanced.  Recovery time varies from patient to patient and has a lot to do with the type of plastic or reconstructive surgery the patient has undergone.  We hope you will find these tips for maximizing recovery after surgery helpful.

When a patient is ready to book a cosmetic surgery, we discuss recovery and “down time” at length.  I will give the patient an estimate of the amount of time to expect to be “down,” or not in public.  Some patients heal faster than others, but the recovery period should only vary by a couple days between patients who undergo the same surgeries in most cases.  I understand the initial anxiety a patient can experience when they hear they could have several days to weeks of downtime.  I recommend that patients plan to be comfortable during this time, and in a relaxing environment.  While most patients choose to stay at home, some travel for surgeries and stay with friends, family, or lodge in hotels.  It is important that patients do not over exert themselves during recovery, as this can ultimately slow down healing time and prolong down time.

We provide thorough preoperative and postoperative instructions for every surgical patient, with a timeline extending from three weeks before surgery to the weeks after the surgery is performed.  While the patient may refer to these instructions for specific details, we have observed that patients are best prepared when they plan to maximize the recovery period.  By preparing supplies, medications and meals in advance, the patient will have a much more relaxed recovery period.  As well, it helps when patients can prepare their recovery space to include the items they will want nearby such as pillows for elevation, blankets, water, a phone, tablet, computer, reading material and a tv nearby for entertainment.  When a patient can view their recovery period as a time to rest, relax and take care of themselves, it can actually be a much needed break from the outside world.

Patients will have several post-op appointments with  me, and this is a great time to see first hand how they are healing.  I also provide my contact information to all of my patients, and they can reach me literally 24/7 for all of their post-surgical needs.  My staff and I are here for each patient 100%, and it is our goal to make sure that every patient has the best surgical experience possible.

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