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Waking Up Beautiful

Ok, I know, hardly anyone really believes they are able to wake up “beautiful.” At least I know I surely don’t! I think in our society today, with so much pressure to look one’s best, and with scrupulous comparison to Hollywood’s A-List celebrities (mostly by ourselves), to keep up so to speak, the task is daunting to say the least. We all need to embrace what we were born with and be happy with it. And yes, that is definitely easier said than done when it really comes down to it. We can all be our own worst critics a lot of the time, and spend way too much time staring into harsh, unflattering, ultra-magnified mirrors, trying to find “flaws” that in reality only we can see. I personally am guilty of this. I am a “perfectionist” by nature which spares no boundaries, especially when it comes to my personal “look.” But instead of trying to be some form of “perfect” that is impossible, I am focusing here on tips to help cut time out of our daily beautifying routines. I hope you will find these tips to be time savers and give you more time every day to focus on more important things than “beautification.” As well, I hope that you will embrace your inner beauty, and let that radiate most of all.

Thankfully, I have now streamlined my basic morning makeup routine to around 15 minutes, which took lots of practice and work done on the front end to make it faster. (I also have a 5 minute version and a 30 minute version, depending on the occasion. The 15 minute routine gives me the right amount of makeup to feel “put together” for working in a plastic surgeon’s office!) Being a natural blonde with dark blonde brows and lashes, it was always tedious for me to have to fill in my brows and apply layers of eyeliner and mascara to make myself not look like a washed out zombie. Then I discovered brow and lash tinting which has been life changing. The quick procedure gives results that last about a month and can be repeated when needed. I now do not struggle spending countless minutes darkening every brow and lash hair to match my now light brown hair (that has been dyed numerous times). As well, my brows tend to be sparse and my lashes could definitely be longer. So to help with this issue, I use Latisse Eyelash Enhancement, FDA approved to lengthen and thicken inadequate lashes. I also use the product off-label for my brows and have seen amazing results. Regular brow maintenance of tweezing stray hairs (or waxing for those with thicker brows) also helps save time. I still find that patients with naturally dark brows and lashes see beautiful enhancements with Latisse and tinting and save lots of time with these simple steps.

Because I am in the skin care field, I luckily have access to a multitude of treatments designed to help better one’s skin. And I’ll be honest- I take advantage of everything I possibly can! My personal favorite treatments are non invasive anti-aging lasers, IPL (intense pulse light), hair removal, and chemical peels. Also, every year or two I set aside time to have more deep resurfacing laser treatments. I also get my Botox treatments for prevention. (Being just shy of the big 3-0, I have not had filler yet for smile lines and the like, but when I see a need for it, I am sure I will do that, too.) Like I said, being in the industry makes it a bit more accessible so I do all that I can! There is also nothing like an hour long deep cleansing facial. These I have to do regularly to de-congest my pores and get rid of unsightly comedones, also known as “blackheads.” I don’t want to overload my skin with too many treatments as this can strip, damage, and lead to chronically sensitized skin. If I do peels, IPL or lasers, I like to wait about 4 weeks in between treatments to give my skin time for cell turnover. In healthy skin, the cell turnover process is about 28 days, meaning the time it takes for old cells to be replaced by new ones. Too many treatments spaced too closely together can interfere with this natural cycle and offset the skin’s natural balance. I am a firm believer that routine skin maintenance is imperative to healthy, vibrant skin. And of course, healthy, vibrant skin means not needing as much makeup. I love it when patients tell me they don’t feel they have to put on foundation any more as a result of their dedication to skin care. The best compliment I can hear as an esthetician is that a patient is so comfortable in their own skin that they do not feel they have to hide or mask their complexion with makeup.

Lastly, many patients ask me what they can do to maintain their skin on a budget. Honestly, there multiple, flexible options, and it doesn’t take the budget of a celebrity to have fabulous skin. I will say that skin care and skin care treatments are not a “one time, quick fix.” Technology has not gotten us to that point yet, and if it ever does, I will be shouting from the rooftops! Skin care is like going to the gym, or caring for hair or nails; it requires regular maintenance to continue to be in a healthy, attractive condition. At Kalos, we love to help individual patients achieve their skin care goals. We are a full service office, with services ranging from facials to cosmetic surgery and everything in between. Let us help work with your individual needs and pick a treatment plan that is right for you. We always want to help you put your best face forward, but we also want you to be comfortable in the skin you were born with.

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