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What Takes Place During Neck Lift Surgery?

Woman Felling Her Neck After a Neck Lift Surgery

If you’re one of those people that like to know about everything that will take place while you’re undergoing a procedure, then keep reading. Here is a step-by-step description of what you can expect during your Atlanta neck lift surgery.


An anesthesiologist will administer some form of sedative medication to ensure that you’re comfortable during your surgery. This may be a mild intravenous sedation, or you may be put under general anesthesia

Being sedated has an amnesiac effect on people, so you may not recall much if anything at all about the procedure. Our Atlanta plastic surgeon can help you decide which form of anesthesia is best for you.

Marking the Skin

After you’re prepped and ready to go, our surgeon will make marks on the skin as a guide to show where to make incisions and the areas that will be contoured

The Incisions

The size of the incision will depend on the extent of your neck lift. It will likely start under your ear and continue to your neckline. There will also be one under your chin.

When deciding on how to make the incisions, your plastic surgeon will take great care in ensuring that they’re as small as possible and in a discreet location.


 Fat, tissue, skin and muscles will be sculpted, contoured, redistributed and made tighter. Excess skin and fat will be trimmed off.

Closing the Incision

Our Atlanta plastic surgeon may choose to use sutures (dissolvable or removable), or a skin glue to close the incision

Need Help Deciding?

If you’ve been considering a neck lift and have further questions you’d like answered, then you should call Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta today!

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